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About Us

Our Beginnings

Our very first meeting, with Dan Rogers from the SC Film Commission as our guest speaker!

From our humbled beginning, we have existed to help others from the Carolinas grow in the film industry by way of connecting them to each other as well as other industry professionals abroad. With these tied connections, we strive to stimulate economic growth and continued progression for the arts in the Carolinas.

Our Growth

First meeting of the 2018 year!

Since May of 2016, we have not only gained great connections in the industry, but we have also become an extended film family. We have grown so rapidly that we had to condense our monthly meetings to quarterly at the start of 2018. Click above to stay up to date on our growth via social media.

Our Hosts

Our gracious hosts!

We have been very blessed to have Tapp's Art Center in downtown Columbia, SC be our host location for all of our meetings and events. This historical building sits in the heart of the city on Main St. in plain view of the state's capitol building. Click above to check out their amazing landmark location.

Guest Speakers

Ron and Rebecca Tucker


The founders of both the Beaufort Film Society and Beaufort International Film Festival gave great insight into what festival directors are looking for when submitting content and the process behind how successful festivals operate. 

Dr. Carmen Maye


With the importance of liability, it was a great pleasure to have Dr. Maye speak about the importance of copyright laws and how they affect us as growing filmmakers. Speakers like this keep us all on track with the business side of film that we sometimes overlook.

Sean Krumbholz


Nothing tops industry professionals that have interactive demonstrations that break down step-by-step instruction of how to master your craft. This is made possible with great workshops like SFX, Writing, Choreography, and much more.

Locations for Filming


Click above to get a direct link to some awesome filming locations on the SC Film Commission's website!

links to resources

Tapp's Art Center


SC Film Commission


Carolina Film Alliance


Beaufort Film Society


Columbia Film Community


SC Arts Commision


SC Humanities


Myrtle Beach Film Community


Upstate Filmmakers Network



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2627 Millwood Ave, Columbia, South Carolina 29205, United States

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